Are you clear on your business identity?

Can you use your differences to your advantage?

Do you know your value and unique market position?


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Are you clear on your business identity and your unique proposition in marketplace?

At Uniquely Wired we believe that no one business is the same.



Through a series of co-facilitated workshops we will work with your team to clearly define your business’s Purpose, Growth Targets, Map your competitor landscape and connect to your customers, to define your unique space in the market where your business can create the most value.



This clarity allows your business to define its financial and legal structure, IT infrastructure, talent strategy, and helps clearly prioritise opportunities for investment, sales strategy, and go to market plan and partnerships.

Where we have helped

Growth across Borders


A UK IT talent agency was looking to develop a proposition to support the global migration of IT startup firms into London.


Working with the Director and specialist international trade representatives we mapped various strategic partnership structures which was driven base on a needs analysis for new startups entering the UK market.


Action plan for developed proposition areas to help alleviate the pain points for startups growing across borders, with the support of established network of specialist providers.

Growing across Public and Private Sector


Specialist Agile project management provider was successfully delivering services to government. As part of their growth ambitions they wanted to diversify their client base into the private sector.


Working with the managing partners of the business we defined their unique service points, organisational structure, talent and commercial model. We cross referenced this with client feedback to both crystallise and strengthen their value offering.


This insight allows the client to clearly articulate their unique offering to the private sector of their proven ability to add value and created a clear road map for growth across the private and public sector.

Repositioning For Growth


Established start-up in the Ad Tech sector had rapidly grown and was questioning their technology-based (SaaS) positioning. Set with ambitious growth targets, they wanted support in re-focusing their go-to market strategy.


Through a series of collaborative workshops we mapped their competitive landscape, strengths and opportunities, and spoke with a sample of their clients.


Repositioned their organisation to capture an extended revenue stream as a managed service provider, continued to be underpinned by their proprietary technology. Enabled two revenue channels and widened their ability to grow.



”It was an impressive process working with Uniquely Wired. They were brilliant in working with the Executive team in understanding our business and industry. Uniquely Wired were able to take a new concept and turn it into a layman’s view which was understandable across multiple sectors. Our client feedback on the materials produced was, “easy to understand, and to the point”, two things that are necessary in the new tech world.”

Carl, Chief Product and Strategy Officer


”Uniquely Wired provided an excellent framework for helping a busy management team come out of the day to day tasks and allowing us to, in a systematic but relaxed manner, tackle some of the wider issues around our competitor set, our USP’s, our positioning and our ambition for the future of the business. Through effective questioning, listening and guiding techniques the Uniquely Wired team were able to help us shape a clear path for the future positioning of the business. ”

Ray, Chief Strategy Officer


”It was a great process working with Uniquely Wired, they took both a collaborative, yet structured approached to working with our senior management team. Uniquely Wired were brilliant in harnessing our understanding for our business and industry, combined with their comprehensive business expertise and insight to get the best outcome, and as a result, we are better positioned for growth”

Glen, CEO


”Uniquely Wired was instrumental in facilitating a workshop for us on the proposition development for our service offering. They took the time to understand our objectives and developed both a strategic and well-structured agenda to ensure we achieved all of our key requirements in the time we had. Uniquely Wired don’t just facilitate, they truly become a business partner and integrate themselves into our business and the outcomes you are trying to achieve.”

Peter, Managing Director


”Uniquely Wired brought both strategic and practical marketing skills enabled us to create an optimised marketing campaign to present our product and services to new audiences. Communicating the concept in a clear and simple manner, resulted in new collaborative working relationships. We look forward to a continued working partnership with Uniquely Wired.”

Francis, Director


”Uniquely Wired has been instrumental in the development of our new business proposition from Concept, Brand Development, Identity and naming to captures the essence of the vision and purpose of what we are looking to achieve.”

Rian, CEO


”Uniquely Wired took their time to understand our business and our specific business needs. They provided fresh insight and delivered resounding quality to the projects we commissioned.”

Elizabeth, Client

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