We think our team is talented. But don’t just take our word for it.

Jenny, Candidate

”I owe Uniquely Wired so much for their help, their consultants took the time to get know what I was passionate about and what I had worked hard for in my career to build up for over many years. They were extremely helpful, attentive, proactive and professional throughout the process and also provided guidance and support all the way through. You have made my year even though we are still in January!!! Genuinely thank you!!”

Ashley, Candidate

“Uniquely Wired is a breath of fresh air in recruitment. They are committed to delivering with honour and integrity and at the same time friendly with a professional manner. I am pleased to have connected with Uniquely Wired, and look forward to working with them in the future”

Franco, Candidate

”What I think makes Uniquely Wired stand out from all other recruiters I have worked with is that they are especially helpful and supportive in trying to find roles that are suitable for me. They have helped me prepare for interviews for these roles and given great career advice that I haven’t heard from other recruitment firms. Furthermore they have been great at keeping me up to date and always get back to me”

Ralph, Candidate

”Uniquely Wired is unlike any other recruiter I have worked with. I received a friendly and personal service which addressed all my needs and concerns, providing me regular feedback and updates on the job interview I was put forward for. Their professional approach enabled me to be successful in getting a job which was right for me. Thankyou!”

Katerina, Candidate

”I had a great experience in working with Uniquely Wired. They gave me great support during the interview process and kept good communication throughout. Uniquely Wired took the time to understand my technical skills how to best represent me and took all the stress away, and as a result I really enjoyed working with them.”

Shilpan, Candidate

“It was good to actually meet a recruiter who shows interest about the person on the other end, they took the time and supported me with my needs”






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